What is the term “The Internet of Things embedded devices” mean?

What is the term “The Internet of Things embedded devices” mean and how did it influence the development of our iModCloud system?

The Internet of things embedded devices is a concept that describes how devices communicate with each other via a computer network, exchanging, processing and collecting data. The network might include devices as well as services which go beyond the communication standard M2M (machine to machine). They operate among multiple domain protocols and applications and use data analysis in order to get useful information. This was the foundation on which we designed and developed our powerful iModCloud system which we will explain in detail below.

The Internet already consists of hundreds of millions devices and soon the number will be much larger than that. Certain groups of connected devices form systems and some form even more complex systems that exchange and analyse data in the Cloud.

By connecting embedded devices into a network our team at Techbase have created “intelligent objects”. Such objects along with the possibility of complex data analysis in the cloud will automate processes in many areas of our life. It has already been applied to many of our solutions, A great example is our solution SmartGrid.

TECHBASE is one of the pioneers within this space and we dominate not only domestically in our Polish market but globally too. Our iModCloud Ecosystem combines both the benefits of IoT and Cloud Computing in one seamless process.

Internet of Things embedded devices

What is the iModCloud Ecosystem?
The iModCloud Ecosystem is a universal and fully configurable Plug and Play  solution for remote control. It is a combination of a cloud service with a web interface (iModCloud) and industrial class devices (iMod), which can be controlled remotely.

iModCloud consists of the following:

  • A universal system for device control and data collection and analysis that you can easily adjust to your needs.
  • A set of cutting edge tools which allow you to manage your projects in a simple way.
  • A modern data sharing platform – you can collect data from multiple sources and share selected information with other users.

 Internet of Things embedded devices

Why are cloud solutions better?

  • scalability – you can adjust the resources to your needs
  • instant implementation – ready to use IT infrastructure
  • mobility – you have constant access to your resources anywhere you are
  • data security – communication is encrypted with the SSL protocol, with the use of the most secure algorithms. Identical solutions have been used by the financial institutions.

iMod is an industrial computer with dedicated software.
With the proper selection of hardware resources and software packages you can quickly match the features to your installation.

Modern, ready to use platform for automation systems.

The iMod platform has many functionalities and at the same time is easy to configure – it combines the ease of use characteristic of simple devices with the possibilities of an embedded computer.
Ready to use solutions will significantly reduce the time necessary launching your installation.

Internet of Things embedded devices

The variety of features together with the cloud service allow virtually unlimited possibilities for any application that might be required for intelligent objects in IoT.

Due to constant development of applications and the remote update option, you can update software and increase the scope of features in your device.

The installations based on the iMod platform have been running in many countries around the world.

iModCloud adapts to your requirements

  • Your can use as many iMod telemetry modules as you want – iModCloud will ensure the same ease of use.
  • The iModCloud service is scalable – ideal solution for a start.
  • As your project grows, you can increase the number of telemetry modules – iModCloud will provide stable operation and security.

Summing up, with iModCloud you can manage your intelligent objects in the IoT system via any mobile device with an internet browser. Configuration change, software update – such actions might be taken for multiple devices at one time. It is much easier to manage complex installations. You can access data, visualizations and parameters of each device in the IoT network from any place with access to the Internet.

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