7-inch touch panels for building automation and more

In A2S.pl industrial automation calatogue you will find new devices from TPS series.

TPD-703 series are 7″ touch panels, equiped with TFT screen with 800x480px resolution.

The device has built-in 32-bit RISC processor, real time clock (RTC), a 64MB SDRAM, up to 64MB of flash memory and buzzer. TPD-703 offers RS485, RS-232 serial ports and Ethernet with PoE.

TPD panels series 703 can work in wide temperature range: from -10oC up to +60oC.

iMod i panele sterujące
iMod and control panels

The device manufacturer provides HMI Works software for building control systems using a typical ladder diagram LD and C language. It is also possible to create simple graphical visualizations.

Panele dotykowa dla autmatyki budynkowej

With support of Modbus protocol TPD-703 panels are ideal for use with IoT iMod modules, NPE industrial computers as well as distributed digital / analog / relay I/O modules of M-7000 series.

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