NPE X1000 – Quick Start Guide

NPE X1000 quick start guide is already available!

The document contains the following sections:

1.Connecting the device
2. Registering in iModCloud
3. GPRS/3G Connection
4. Pinout description

Download the document from the:

A new document describing supported programming languages is available in the download section of the NPE X1000 product card in the A2S.PL

The document contains a short description of the programming languages and an example of a simple Hello World program.

Described languages:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Lua
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • C

Sign up on A2S Catalog and download the document.

NPE offers a tool that each IT administrator and any integrator configuring Internet connection will appreciate. The tcpdump application enables you to recognize processes within the network over TCP.

Managing connection, routing and other TCP related issues is incredibly easy.

See how the NPE platform will make the management of your installation easier.

With BashCalculator the NPE industrial computer will execute complicated mathematical procedures, without overloading the device.

The NPE devices provide stable operation of your installation, see all the possibilities.

We are testing the iMod software on the NPE X1000 industrial computer.Due to unbeatable hardware resources of NPE X1000 the iMod platform gains new completely new functionalities.

One of the fundamental features of our solutions is full compatibility. Our customers can be sure that when installing new NPE X1000, they can easily transfer any existing configuration.

Our innovative solutions are based on open standard technologies. Everything in order to simplify and reduce the time necessary for implementation.

We are currently developing 12-digit numbers support in the NPE industrial computers. Soon the devices will have increased capabilities of sending notifications.

Each NPE device can on demand be produced with selected software packages. This way you can make the process of configuration easier and significantly reduce time necessary for running the installation.

The NPE industrial computers gain new features depending on the selected hardware and software resources. You can freely configure you device according to your project’s needs. We have added the following models to the A2S.PL Catalog:


Check out the functionalities of the NPE industrial computers and choose the perfect device for your project.

Now you can start programming NPE in Python. Ready software package is available with software manager (softmgr).