X500 – The new cloud version of our Modberry 500 device

X500 –  Industrial Raspberry Pi in the Cloud 


Techbase is proud to announce that your ModBerry Device is now cloud complient and ready!

Modberry 500 is the first industrial computer built exclusively on the Raspberry Pi Computer Module. Our Modberry 500 device has really taken the market by storm and is extremely popular within the industrial automation space.

Our mission at Techbase is to continually develop and push the boundaries of what is possible. We are actively working on introducing similar industrial grade devices: Our NPE industrial computer series for example which will be used globally within the industrial automation solutions space for many years to come.

The NPE X500 industrial computer is based on the same platform as our successful ModBerry 500, but offers the client many more possibilities from the onset by using our dedicated iMod software.

Our iMod X500 devices fully support the iModCloud operating system.

What exactly is the iModCloud Ecosystem?

The iModCloud Ecosystem is a combination of a cloud service with a web user interface and special industrial devices that are fully manageable remotely. Our iMod devices and the iModCloud service together stand as a complete solution – iModCloud Ecosystem.

In summary, using the iMod X500 you receive simultaneously:

  • compatibility with evolving software developed by Raspberry Pi community and Raspberry Pi Foundation,
  • full functionality of the iMod software
  • software support provided by TECHBASE Support Portal, with a wide range of possibilities supported by 8 years of experience in the development of devices and programming solutions for industrial automation, including our latest cloud service – iModCloud.

You can now upgrade your ModBerry 500 to iMod X500 – to do so please do not hesitate to contact our sales team.

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