What is the term “The Internet of Things embedded devices” mean?

What is the term “The Internet of Things embedded devices” mean and how did it influence the development of our iModCloud system?

The Internet of things embedded devices is a concept that describes how devices communicate with each other via a computer network, exchanging, processing and collecting data. The network might include devices as well as services which go beyond the communication standard M2M (machine to machine). They operate among multiple domain protocols and applications and use data analysis in order to get useful information. This was the foundation on which we designed and developed our powerful iModCloud system which we will explain in detail below.

The Internet already consists of hundreds of millions devices and soon the number will be much larger than that. Certain groups of connected devices form systems and some form even more complex systems that exchange and analyse data in the Cloud.

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NPE X500 and ModBerry 500 are already available!

Techbase is very happy to announce that we are happy to inform that our NPE X500 and Modberry 500 are already available for purchase.

The NPE X500 is a series of industrial computers that you can easily customise to your required needs.

Benefits of our NPE X500

  • Ready to use Programmable Automation Controller
  • The NPE X500 platform has a variety of features and at the same time is easy to configure. It combines the ease of use of a simple device with the possibilities of an embedded computer.
  • The ARM11 700 MHz ensures high-performance and allows the user to use the NPE X500 for serious projects, e.g. Our SmartGrid control.

Click the following link to find more information about the devices:

NPE X500:

The NPE X500 is a series of industrial computers which you can easily adapt to your particular needs


The NPE X500 advantages





Ready-to-use programmable automation controller



The NPE X500 platform has a variety of functionalities and is easy to configure at the same time – it combines ease of use, characteristic of simple devices with the possibilities of embedded computers.



High performance reached with ARM11 700 MHz processor, allows using NPE X500 device for specific application, like smartgrid remote control


Hardware resources

Base version

  • Processor ARM11 700 MHz
  • 512MB RAM and 4GB NAND FLASH memory
  • Rich set of I/O interfaces: 4x Digital Input, 4x Digital Output
  • Ethernet communication
  • Economic 1-Wire bus, typically used for reading temperature and humidity sensors

Hardware Add-on Options

  • 2x RS-232/485
  • 4x Configurable Digital I/Os
  • 4x Analog Inputs
  • CAN bus
  • PCI-Express
  • HDMI, Audio Output
  • Aluminum casing

Internal expansion cards

  • GPS module
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee

NPE X500 can perform the following functions:

Additional features

  • iMod Platform Support. NPE X500 can be upgraded to iMod X500 version. It gives the device a functionality to work in iModCloud Ecosystem.
  • iModCloud EcosystemA combination of a cloud service with a web user interface and special industrial devices that are fully manageable remotely. Core iModCloud Ecosystem elements are iMod controllers and iModCloud service. iMod controllers and iModCloud service together stand as a complete solution.

iModCloud – Dedicated Cloud Service

iModCloud – a dedicated cloud service – allows you to visualize and control parameters of any number of devices via a web browser. Now iModCloud expands to support NPE X500 devices.

With iModCloud you can control all your facilities via any mobile device, register data and share selected information with other users.

If you would like to know more about our powerful solutions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants today!

First virtual automation controller operating in the cloud – iMod Engine


First virtual automation controller operating in the cloud – iMod Engine

iMod Engine

The iMod Engine solution is much more efficient than devices based on the industrial class hardware. It can manage a complex installation with multiple devices. Because the iMod configurations are compatible, it is possible to transfer demanding operations into iMod Engine. This way the end units with lower efficiency (iMod Gate) can be limited to certain tasks, e.g. collecting data and transferring it to the iMod Engine for further analysis, generating graphs or process visualization.

Such configuration transfer does not limit the alarm feature – it is independent. It means that the iMod Engine alerts when connection with the iMod Gate end device is lost and the end device alerts when connection with the cloud is lost. Alert will differ depending on the connected components, e.g. SMS, email, light or sound signals.

The iMod platform enables you to store objects using API. You can define your own data source channel, through which you can send pictures, audio files, videos or any binary string to the iMod platform. Data is saved into database and can be viewed on a website.

Check out the possibilities of the iMod telemetry module.

We have prepared more than 100 event configurations, which you can save to your iMod configuration.


  • Edge-triggered event (EDGE=HIGH)
  • Edge-triggered event (EDGE=LOW)
  • constant event triggering when a condition is satisfied (EDGE=NO)
  • triggering event both when the edge condition is satisfied and when the edge condition is not satisfied (EDGE=BOTH)

See how the iMod will improve the operation of your installation

The iMod platform allows to execute tasks at a specified time.

It doesn’t matter if you are interested in the values recorded at 11:00 or 2:00, iMod will read values at any time you specify.

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