Challenges of Industry 4.0

According to our expert, in case of modernization of systems to the standard of Industry 4.0, enterprises represent these two positions:

  • Implementation of IoT is too difficult and we will not implement it,
  • We will do everything ourselves.

Due to the fact that each layer of the full implementation must be based on hardware, software and integration between these elements, and the development of the highest layers (User Interface, Cloud Computing) takes a minimum of one year to perform all operations on its own and does not bring the desired effect. At this time, we can see many ongoing projects on the market, without finished product ready for sale.

Moreover, it seems that the creators of the current IoT products do not always understand how to effectively sell the service. The purpose is often a mass distribution of the finished product. The final service for the end customer should be simple and ready to buy, as in the supermarket, and not by leasing, installment, complex contract options, conditions of use and security. The price of the finished product should contain calculated risks.

To meet these challenges the market has developed a need for a ready-to-use platform type Fog Computing (integrated hardware and software) such as iModCloud Ecosystem. It connects end devices (sensors, production machinery) to the logic contained in the controllers (IoT so-called gateway) with a layer of Cloud Computing (Big Data, Inference, User Interface).

Statement by our expert showed in Appendix Factory 4.0 for the December issue of Control Engineering (link below):

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