Become an iModCloud System Developer

Who is an iModCloud system developer?


A system developer is a person who creates a project based on the iModCloud service.

If you have an idea for using iModCloud, you can be a system developer. All the necessary tools are at your hand – create your project right now.

Examples of use of iModCloud:

We have started preparing a mobile iModCloud set. The set is designed to present key functions of the product. The set consists of:

The mobile set will be used to demonstrate functionalities of iModCloud on-site.

Find out more at

We have added new examples of usage of the iMod platform to “Monitoring and Control

Plant Growth Monitoring
Oil Production Monitoring

Check out which of the presented solutions apply to your project.

Take a look at the possibilities of iMod 3G/GPS.

The latest case study is available at A2S.PL.