Group Entry in the iMod Platform


Group Entry in the iMod Platform


All you need to do is set an initial entry and register values. The iMod platform provides you with a faster data recording performance and reduces transmission load – it’s simple 🙂

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One of the key features of the iMod platform are stability and security.

All iMod tasks are queued. Even if there is a power cut, the queued tasks are stored and executed.

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The iMod platform offers a solution which simplifies sharing historical data via Modbus protocol. You just need to define the ARCHIVIST channel, set its size and register values. Every time you can find any historical value, referring to selected parameters.

With iMod sharing historical data via Modbus protocol is simple.

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The iMod platform can register data on the device and external database servers at the same time. It allows for:

  • increased security (several storage spaces)
  • unlimited storage space (you can scale storage to your needs)
  • faster database information retrieval
  • easier data integration with websites (presentation of current and historical data).

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Soon the iMod platform will support international characters. Our Clients will receive short messages with operation parameters of an installation in any language, e.g. Chinese or Persian – with iMod you can customize installation management wherever you are.