Fog Computing in IoT Security Services

Implementation of IoT technologies in control and monitoring systems should take into account increasing issues in terms of security and data protection. According to Cisco and Intel experts, the implementation of technology in the cloud is both an opportunity and a challenge:

By adopting cloud-based web security, utilities have seized on a new opportunity to harden their defenses against a high number of security breaches. 56 percent of the security professionals in utilities say they use cloud-based web security, compared with 36 percent of the respondents in other industries, Cisco reported earlier this year.

But with the ability of the cloud to connect more things in more places on the IoT, the technology also opens up new points of attack. To solve this complex issue and make the most of the IoT, utilities need to rethink where and how to deploy security.
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This fresh approach can be seen in the iModCloud IoT Ecosystem, which combines robust and high-performance industrial devices, control software called iMod and iModCloud (service-in-cloud). The result is a “fog computing” solution that takes into account high value and confidentiality of data.

Many industries and utilities are adopting the IoT and cloud to analyze disparate sources of data to boost efficiency. For the utility industry, the ability to acquire and process smart grid data presents bottom-line value in addition to benefiting consumers and the environment.

Research conducted by Zpryme for Oracle Utilities found that 45 percent of utilities currently use the cloud and 52 percent plan to do so. Despite relatively high levels of adoption, the research also found persistent concerns about privacy, control and security.
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Newest fog computing solutions are iModCloudBOX and iModCloudHOST. All the data logging and monitoring takes place in local or remote system, that can be placed inside or outside the installation. The data is fully encrypted and the data transfer is secured with SSL protocol.